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About Us


Welcome to the “Global Islamic Chamber of Trade & Commerce” (GICTC), a dynamic organization dedicated to Empowering Muslim Businesses, Talent, and Youth, thus driving the growth of the Global Muslim Economy. Our vision is to foster collaboration, innovation, and best trade practices among Muslim entrepreneurs worldwide, while adhering to the principles of Shariah.

At GICTC, we have established a strong presence with Country, State, and City-wise Chapters, ensuring our reach extends to various regions, enabling us to cater to the diverse needs of our members. Our organization stands on the pillars of New Economic Models, Best Trade Practices, and Innovation, which provide our members with invaluable insights and opportunities for growth.

  • Protection of Members: We are committed to safeguarding the interests and welfare of our members, guided by the principles of Shariah and overseen by our dedicated Shariah Board.
  • Global Footprint: GICTC collaborates with Muslim governments worldwide, fostering partnerships and sharing initiatives for mutual benefit and the prosperity of the global Muslim community.
  • Supporting Members: To empower our members, we host a series of informative, educational, and networking events that cover various business and economy-related subjects, providing them with vital support.
  • Provide Leadership: As a leading organization, GICTC takes the responsibility of guiding its members on their entrepreneurial journey, helping them make informed decisions and navigate challenges.
  • Holistic Engagement: We facilitate exchange of views, ideas, and expectations among members, investors, entrepreneurs, and government agencies to foster a collaborative ecosystem.
  • Halal Business Certificates: In collaboration with Halal certification bodies, we issue “Halal” certificates to members, highlighting their adherence to Shariah principles and ethical business practices.
  • Market Study: GICTC conducts comprehensive market studies, gathering valuable information and publishing reports to assist our members in making informed business decisions.
  • Helping Government Formulation: We aspire to become a global participant in advising Muslim governments on formulating favorable trade, commerce, entrepreneurship, and economic laws.
  • Data Analysis: Our “Muslim Economic Think Tank” group collects and analyzes socio-economic data, preparing market intel reports to guide our members in identifying opportunities.
  • Dispute Resolution: As arbitrators, we take the initiative to resolve misunderstandings and conflicts in domestic and foreign trading among members, in accordance with the Shariah Board and Head of Compliance.

Join us at GICTC, where we believe that empowering Muslim businesses and entrepreneurs will lead to a stronger and more prosperous global Muslim economy. Together, we will create a thriving ecosystem that fosters growth, collaboration, and sustainable development for all our members.

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