Mission Statement


Mission Statement​

At the GICTC, our mission is to foster a vibrant and prosperous business environment for Muslims globally by actively promoting brotherhood ,mutual economic growth, advocating for the interests of our members, and cultivating a strong global network of collaboration and support.

We are dedicated to serving as the “Trusted voice” for Muslim businesses , trade ,  Startup  communities, Muslim Human Capital ( Working Professionals) representing the diverse needs and aspirations of our members. Our primary goal is to create an environment that nurtures Halal business practices, brotherhood, entrepreneurship, facilitates business development, strong networks , focused objectives and drives innovation. We strive to be the driving force behind sustainable economic progress, ensuring the long-term success of our local and global economies.

Through effective advocacy, we will aim to champion policies that support the growth and competitiveness of Muslim businesses across various industries globally. We will negotiate to work tirelessly to remove barriers, streamline processes, and foster a favorable business climate that attracts investment, encourages job creation, and facilitates trade both domestically and internationally within the Muslim nations as well as Muslim population living globally.

GICTC is committed to empowering our members with the knowledge, resources, and global network they need to thrive in an ever-evolving Muslim community globally. We will provide access to Group discussions, Sector-based educational programs, professional development opportunities, and networking events to foster continuous learning and growth. By facilitating meaningful connections and collaborations, we enable our members to forge strategic partnerships, expand their reach, and seize new business opportunities globally.

We will prioritize the well-being and sustainability of our community, promoting corporate social responsibility and encouraging Halal business practices. We will actively engage in initiatives that support local development, promote Halal diversity and inclusion, and contribute to the overall welfare of our community globally.

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