“Two-Fold” Go-to-Market Strategy

The First part of the strategy is to engage muslims globally by inviting them to join the Global Chamber and have them benefit from. The global exposure, global network, global opportunities and new ideas besides of course benefit from information. Sharing, new market intelligence reports and knowledge of how to do business in new markets. The membership to the chamber will be 100% free.

The Second part of the strategy is to launch a global online “Market Place” app and website that allows users to engage in more focused discussions, meetings and transactions. This will be an engagement platform that users can benefit from my making transactions, deals, seek professional appointments, raise funds for startups etc. and this will be on annual subscription basis

An online marketplace is a website and app we will offer subscription based services, these may vary based on the subscription type subscribed by the user.provider. The Market place will not store or sell physical inventory; rather, present our subscribers products and services — to other users on the platform and handle the transactions via a payment gateway. Our marketplace will allow sellers and buyers to gather in the same space to try to target as many shoppers as they can.

According to googles report 84% of people are shopping for something in any given 48-hour period. Additionally, 63% of shopping occasions begin online. Online marketplaces have made the shopper’s experience easier because of the ability to compare and research products in an instant. We as Muslims do not have a global halal market place that offers products , services , HR appointments , Fund raising , crowd funding all in one place and that is why I believe this new market place will be a brand that will have a strong online presence in shaa Allah. 

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